Right now, jobs and businesses are all about digital, increasing the hunt for more and more developers. This profession of the future opens up a multitude of possibilities in different fields and ensure a lifelong learning career.

At BorGerHub, we have created the coding school for you. An intense 6-month training that will allow you to have all the knowledge you need to get started as a web developer and does not require any prerequisites.

During these 6 months you will be able to learn, step by step, all the techniques, technologies and tools that professionals use on a daily basis. With this knowledge, the world of web development will no longer have no secret for you ... but wait, that's not all!

In order to better prepare yourself for real working conditions, you will also learn to use a lot of different tools that will allow you to not only work as a team on real projects, assigning tasks in order of priority and respecting deadlines but also automate your most common tasks in order to achieve in 1 minute what normally takes you 1 hour and therefore be highly competitive in the market.

In short, if you are motivated and interested in the technologies of the future, our Coding School is for you.

Our Coding School program

Front end

The frontend is the visible part of a website, what the user sees on their screen and what they interact with. If your site was a car, the frontend would be a bit like its body! The html and css integration languages are essential to make a superb frontend body ...

Back end

The backend is a bit of an engine for websites, it's an important part of web development because that's where you define all the functionality of your site.

Project management

Being organized is an essential skill for a good web developer. it saves a lot of time and gives you an overview of the progress of projects. A good organization can make the difference between a ferrari and a piece of sheet metal!


Having the right tools allows you to progress better on your projects. The more you automate your actions, the more time you save. During the Coding School, you will discover for example visual studio code, git, slack and many other tools that will become your best friends with Google.

From a practical point of view, the training takes place in two parts:

The first is skills acquisition through practice. Learning through various tools in order to be faster and more precise and be able to automate as many tasks as possible. It’s not laziness, it’s efficiency!

The second part consists in consolidating your acquired knowledge by practicing it more with concrete projects. In other words, with real customers, like a real professional.

You will not be alone, coaches will pass on their experiences and then show you concretely how it works with a client as a web developer. By the end of this training, you will have learned and practiced code as much as entrepreneurship and you will be able to either find a job or start your own business.

To join the Coding School, you only need one thing: motivation! No matter what your educational background is, you just need to be registered as a job seeker with VDAB and be between 18 and 24 years old. That's all !

Recruitment / selection

This procedure takes place in 4 steps:

  • Information sessions will be organized in BorgerHub on Tuesdays. For the exact dates, see our agenda under events.
  • Assessments for business skills via an online code test will be organized in BorgerHub to follow individual interviews, in order to identify as much as possible the skills of the candidates;
  • A one-day session of "serious gaming” to determine the profiles and capacities of candidates to work in groups;
  • The first two weeks of training are planned to allow trainees to test their motivation to learn programming in a self-training setting.
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